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Learn More about Restless Leg Syndrome The fact cannot be denied that there are a lot of people that do not consider the restless leg syndrome or RLS to be a serious condition. But for the people that are actually suffering from this, it is a different story. Neurological in origin is the first thing that you need to know about the restless leg syndrome or RLS. This condition will let you feel an urge that you cannot resist to move a part of your body just so that you will be able to cope with pain, stress and anxiety. The legs is the part that is affected in most times but it is also possible for the phantom body parts and trunk to be affected as well. The amputated limbs is what is being referred to in the phantom body parts. The person is still however able to feel that there is still a limb in place even though it has already been amputated. The real cause as to why the condition has come to existence is one that has not been discovered up until now. The genetics of a person is however what is known to be able to affect this condition. What is meant by this is that signs and symptoms shown at an early age has been found out to have come from the parents. In addition to that, it has also been found out that there are other reasons such as other neurological conditions, pregnancy, kidney conditions and iron deficiency that have been found out to affect this condition. As a matter of fact, it is very easy to be able to determine if the person has restless leg syndrome or not. The itchy and/or tingling sensation in the legs, cramps or pain are actually the most common symptoms and signs that you will encounter with the restless leg syndrome. If you ask these patients as to how they can describe this feeling, they will tell you that this is an itch that has no way of getting scratched or replaced.
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The need to undergo numerous and different kinds of lab work will not be needed when you will diagnose restless leg syndrome. The reason as to why the patient need not undergo imaging tests such as an x-ray is because it will not show any abnormal results that will be related to this condition. In order to be able to check the iron and dopamine levels, there will be a need for the patient to undergo a blood test. Some of the treatments are focused on correcting the decrease in the iron or dopamine levels because people that have low levels of these are associated to this condition.
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The criteria that has been set by the institute of health is actually the best way in order to be able to diagnose restless leg syndrome. Prior to being able to release the diagnosis, the four conditions need to be met first.